Citroën DS - 1960s TV

  Unsurpassed DS

When the DS was unveiled more than sixty years ago, Citroën set new standards in terms of safety, comfort and style. The authentic promotional clip of the DS illustrates the convenience of turning headlights, an innovative feature of the original DS which remains unsurpassed even today...


Mille Miglia 2011

  The sad story of Mille Miglia

The first Mille Miglia race was organized in 1927 and has been tragically abandoned 30 years later due to a horrific accident that cost the lives of 2 drivers and 9 spectators -including 5 children.

Today Mille Miglia is a historic car race between Brescia and Rome...

The origin of the BMW logo

The history of the BMW badge

Although many believe that the BMW propeller-like emblem depicts the company’s dominance as an aero engine maker in the 1920’s, the archives of BMW reveal a completely different story…