100 years of Maserati

On Sunday December 14, 2014 a unique celebration of Maserati's hundredth anniversary took place at the Hellenic Motor Museum in Athens. 

The fans of Maserati cars had the chance to admire a rather rare sight -an interesting collection of Maserati's historic models like the 3500 GT, the Merak, the SM and the Khamsin, just to name a few...

The Chairman of HMM, Theodore Charagionis, opened the ceremony and highlighted the most important points in the history of the marque, explaining how the vision of the Maserati Brothers kept the company alive for more than a century.

Next came the speech of George Lymberakis, Managing Director of Trident Cars, the official Maserati importer in Greece. Mr. Lymberakis portrayed the qualities of Maserati cars and explained how the company's heritage nicely blends with modern Maserati models.

The event turned out to be a memorable evening meeting as the magical atmosphere of the Hellenic Motor Museum added to the pervasive Maserati aroma. 

Auto Business Review was there and captured the magic of the moment...